Whether you are a patient or a loved one, the introduction of cancer into your world can be overwhelming.

From the first intense moments of diagnosis, to the difficulty of many types of treatment, to the psychological effect of the word "cancer" and its meanings in your life, cancer requires a high level of coping. Complicating this is the fact that many relationships change when a cancer diagnosis is given, and it can be difficult to get support.

I have worked with cancer patients and their families since 2002. It is my deeply-held value to help individuals with all types of cancer cope with diagnosis, treatment, and life following cancer treatment. Given my experience working with cancer patients, I have an understanding of some of the common surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments and their side effects, as well as the stages may cancer patients go through during and after treatment.

If you are looking for skills or support for cancer, you are not alone. Click here and request an initial consultation to see if this might be the place to get the support you need.